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GPS / Payment Protection Devices

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Lookup vehicles or initiate payment codes - all from within FEX DMS!

BHPH GPS/Payment Protection ITURAN  (Website)
Since 1995, ITURAN (NASDAQ: ITRN) has been revolutionizing the way BHPH dealers and sub-prime lenders track and protect their invaluable assets. The company is best known for its groundbreaking, GPS-enabled Controlit system, which allows dealers to not only monitor and recover their vehicles but also to increase the collection efforts and collect payments much faster, all through secure remote portal. ITURAN is proud to have its product integrated into the FEX DMS line-up.

Key features of ITURANís technology:

  • GPS Technology - allows dealers to keep tabs on precisely where their vehicles are, at all times.
  • Remote Access - GPS locations are accessible from desktop computer or mobile device.
  • Starter Disable Technology - remote engine enable/disable feature so dealers can remain in control of their asset even when itís no longer on their lot.
  • Collection Tool - allows dealers to send payment reminders straight to the vehicle in order to collect more money, much faster.
  • Parking Behavior Reports Ė Ituran patent, presents you with a powerful tool to analyze parking trends.
  • Full Suite of Tracking Analytics - automatic heartbeat every 25 hours, recent activity reports, installation, inventory management reports and more.
  • Internal Backup Battery - Power loss notifications are sent via email and/or text messages.
  • Privacy Measure - Ability to create sub-user accounts (e.g. per repo agent, collector, etc) and user activity reports.
  • Geofence Technology - allows dealers to monitor the vehicle location by setting up geographic parameters for a given client, and receiving alerts when those parameters are breached.
  • 24/7 customer service support and online management tools (e.g. units renewals, terminations, etc)
  • FEX DMS Integration allows you to manage your account from the DMS and automate the collection tools.
Passtime  (Website)
The software integration between Passtime and automates the generation of codes for Passtime products, which greatly reduces the administrative time thatís required to generate codes.

Other Key Features

  • Tight Integration. Generate codes without ever having to leave FEX DMS saving time and money!
  • Comparable Functionality. Perform similar functions within FEX DMS as you would on Passtime's website. (generate codes, perform GPS lookups,etc.)
  • Security. You determine who should be able to generate codes by updating their security rights
  • Payment Receipts. Generate payment codes, then hand your customer a receipt with their Passtime payment code. You can also retrieve and reprint a receipt, as needed.
CalAmp  (Website)
FEX DMS and CalAmp have partnered to deliver the ultimate portfolio asset protection system for buy-here-pay-here, new and used car dealers. With the latest in location and communication technology, CalAmp's solution lets you know the whereabouts of all leased and financed vehicles in your portfolio no matter where they may be. Available with multiple options, this solution can be configured to meet your specific business needs. You can prompt payments with a simple reminder delivered right to the vehicle and the consumer. In the event of a loan default, CalAmp's starter-interrupt feature will disable the vehicle for swift recovery. Best of all, this solution is all integrated with and delivered through FEX DMS's powerful web based dealer management system. No need to utilize multiple websites to monitor vehicles.

Other Key Features

  • Reduce the Risk of Loss. Keep in touch with your vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a click of the mouse. Locate those vehicles which have either been stolen or have gone into Repo status.
  • Improve Operational Efficiency. Recover stolen vehicles quickly to avoid insurance claims, damage, lost revenue and valuable employee time spent searching for missing assets.
  • Vehicle Location. The vehicle location will be clearly marked on digitized street and satellite maps and will provide speed, direction and street level address, along with an eyelevel 360 streetview (where available).
  • Payment Receipts. Generate payment codes, then hand your customer a receipt with their Passtime payment code. You can also retrieve and reprint a receipt, as needed.
  • Location History Review. Review previous location data. This review will summarize the actions and alerts sent to and from the vehicle(s).
  • Remote Vehicle Disable/Enable. Immobilize a vehicle, determine its current location and receive a notification with location once the vehicle's ignition is turned off. The vehicle will not start again until it is remotely enabled. (only available on CalAmp - DTR units)
Goldstar  (Website)
GoldStar GPS continually upgrades and enhances their products taking into account the customers changing needs and requirements in order to fulfill these needs and to ensure that customers are satisfied and quality is never compromised. Input from our customers is crucial when making important decisions such as design, implementation and integration of the products and services that we offer.

Other Key Features

  • Lower repossession costs
  • Manage assets more efficiently
  • Most reliable infrastructure on the market
  • Huge inventory with guaranteed shipping in 48 hours.
  • Increase your loan portfolio with less risk
  • Over 7 years in the business
  • Fully licensed product
  • Industry-proven device
  • More Information, visit their website at: Goldstar GPS
Skypatrol  (Website)
Skypatrol's enhanced GPS antennas and chipsets provide extraordinarily accurate location information in a compact design. This means dealers, finance companies and retail customers will see exactly where their vehicles are when it counts the most