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Mission & History

Finance Express was established in 2001 after its founder, David Huber, recognized a need for a simple, powerful and affordable dealer management solution for independent dealers. Mr. Huber brought years of experience in the automotive and finance industry together with innovative technology to develop a solution that levels the playing field for independent automobile dealers.

Finance Express is the first and only fully-integrated, web-based dealer management system ("DMS") that includes an integrated loan origination platform designed exclusively for independent dealers and a comprehensive risk mitigation program for participating lenders.

In early 2006, Finance Express formalized an equity partnership with Automotive Finance Corporation (AFC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Adesa, Inc. This partnership gave Finance Express traction within the industry and creditability with leading lenders.

In October of 2006, Finance Express acquired software technology company CompuSolutions, Inc. (aka DealTrace), which specialized in Buy Here Pay Here, accounting systems and comprehensive integration solutions. Together these two companies created FEX 2.0 – the simple, powerful and affordable full-service dealer management and loan servicing system, created especially for the independent used car dealer. Today, FEX is the only system that fully integrates regional, national, and local lenders into the dealer management system with accounting, collections, buy here pay here, and inventory management, and provides all other tools needed to run an internet connected dealership today.

In May of 2007, Finance Express acquired the Tracker Dealer Management System from Manheim. The purchase of Tracker forged a strong relationship between Finance Express and Manheim Financial Services (MAFS).

Finance Express Offices

Finance Express has branches located in California and Texas and provides services for dealers in all 50 states.